Before downloading BOLSIG+, please carefully read all instructions in the How to use section.

Latest version: 12/2019

Windows    Linux

  • Modified Coulomb logarithm taking into account effect of electron-neutral collisions
  • Corrected momentum transfer frequency for Maxwellian EEDF

Version 12/2017


  • New linear solver, faster for large numbers of grid points
  • Cross section data included in output files
  • Numerous minor bug fixes

Version 03/2016

Windows    Linux    Mac

  • Increased maximum numbers of collisions and particle species
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 07/2015

Windows    Linux    Mac

Major update with numerous extensions and improvements:

  • New console application for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Advanced transport coefficients from density-gradient expansion method, such as anisotropic diffusion coefficients.
  • Electric field crossed with magnetic field at arbitrary angle.
  • Options for automatic inclusion of superelastic collisions, important at low reduced electric field and near thermal equilibrium, especially in molecular gases.
  • Complete two-term collision operator for electron-electron and electron-ion Coulomb collisions.

Version 06/2013

Windows    (no Linux or Mac version available)